Executive Director

Alain Spitzer

Oversees all operations that take place within the St-James Drop-In Center (can you make this a hyperlink to their website?). Alain founded StreetSuds with a group of 4 others in 2011 – that same year StreetSuds won the Dobson cup for best new social enterprise and through his hard work and dedication the business has seen exponential growth since then.

Operations Manager

Matthew Kerr

Having taken over the head office in August 2015, Matthew Kerr inherited the east end social enterprise and transformed it into the buzz-worthy business that it is known for today.

… »the staff are absolutely exceptional. When everybody is on the floor bins of laundry can evaporate in minutes – it really is special to watch »…


Gaetan Desrosiers

Having been on board since April 2016 he has been the engine that keeps our well-oiled machine in motion. He’s the jack of all trades – not to mention the story of how he got where he is today is as charismatic and inspiring as the work ethic he brings to the shop every day.

Glenn Marvin

Glenn Marvin is a resident of Montreal’s Nazareth House and a good friend of our senior staffer Sylvain Pitt; this dynamic duo show up every day at the same time and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Having joined the organization in November 2016, he has progressed tremendously since that time.

Austin Wyse

Probably the most gentlemanly individual you will ever have the opportunity to meet and work beside, his gentle demeanor and reliability make him a model employee that any organization would be lucky to have.

Since beginning the program in May 2016, Austin will be going into his 3rd year at StreetSuds and we are just as lucky to have him now as we were when he started.

Sylvain Pitt

One of the first employees to be hired since new management took over the facility, Sylvain Pitt was the beginning of what has been a steady acquisition of amazing employees and are happy to report he is in his 3rd year with us.

His reliability, attention to detail and easy-going attitude make it a pleasure to come to work knowing there is a strong pillar present to support the rest of the team.

Daniel Marin

Laundry Technician