Welcome to Streetsuds

Welcome to StreetSuds – tucked away behind the mighty Grover textile plant located in the

south east quarters of Montreal is a small and humble laundry facility with big character.

Our mission: to end homelessness and provide opportunities for the marginalized members

living in our communities.


By offering our demographic the chance to work we believe this daily routine can have a

profound effect on their self-esteem and hopefully in time provide them with the skills to

return to regular, salary paid employment.


Every individual who comes through our program is so unique and brings a script to the

table that not even Hollywood could write. We pride ourselves on our individuality,

creativity and relentless work ethic. Our staff are some of the best in the biz and our final

product shines with the brightest in the linens cleaning game.


Don’t believe me? Grab a bag of your own dirty threads and take a trip to our charming brick

enclave to find out for yourself.